Eli Raider


Eli Raider is a partner at Tuttle Yick LLP and heads its license and access agreements and RPAPL § 881 practice.

Eli is an aggressive and strategic negotiator and litigator, extremely sharp, quick on his feet, and incredibly well prepared for court appearances. Notably, he does not “split” the baby, and will fight to the mat for his clients. This reputation has served him well, as he has fought against the universe of practitioners in this niche area of law and been before nearly the entire circuit of New York County justices.

Eli has represented parties in hundreds of RPAPL 881 actions, with a proven track record of obtaining favorable outcomes, including on behalf of some of the top ten developers in the construction industry.  Eli truly enjoys this area of law and works tirelessly with architects and engineers to obtain a full command of the plans, project, and protections so that all matters are fully incorporated and addressed in any license agreement and/or court proceeding.

Eli is currently serving as construction counsel to multiple and substantial ground-up development projects, from hotels in Times Square to waterfront major buildings in Brooklyn, as well as gut renovation to brownstones in landmarked districts throughout Manhattan. Some of Eli’s recent accomplishments include:

    • Representing a real estate developer in refusing to pay a neighboring condominium building in Manhattan an excessive monthly license fee, and instead obtaining a court order awarding approximately 10% of the sum demanded by the Board. No attorneys or professional fees were awarded to the Condominium.
    • Representing developers and neighbors in entering into multiple license agreements that permit underpinning, tiebacks, lot line window closure and other permanent protections on favorable terms and timely
    • Representing portfolios of properties across all boroughs of New York and nationally in successfully navigating all aspects of construction related issues, disputes, and contract negotiations
    • Representing homeowners and high rise buildings in protecting against developers short cutting their Code and protection obligations and ensuring minimal impact to use and enjoyment of the properties

Eli is also a seasoned commercial litigator, with 20 years of experience with purchase and sale agreements, partnership agreements, leases, brokerage agreements, and other transactions, and fully knowledgeable about all construction issues facing a project. Eli is particularly savvy at advising on creative solutions to address construction involving underpinning, tiebacks, lot line window closure, and other such protections of neighboring properties.

Before joining Tuttle Yick, Eli was a senior litigator at the law firm of Goldberg Weprin Finkel Goldstein LLP, focused on every aspect of commercial real estate transactions and litigation.  Eli joined Tuttle Yick after many years of building a professional relationship with the firm built on mutual respect, initially starting as worthy opponents in a fiercely contested litigation, then as co-counsel on a development project that obtained a very favorable outcome, and now as partners where we combine all of our collective strengths and experiences to represent our clients to the fullest extent possible.

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